My Minecraft Stuff

I am a plugin developer for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server Software Cloudburst Nukkit and all other Nukkit Forks.

My Minecraft Bedrock Projects


WorldManager is the most feature-rich and bugfree world management software for Nukkit.
Thats why it has become the standard in nukkit world management.


LobbyNK is the best reviewed plugin on
Its a fully customizable Lobby System for the Server Software Nukkit.


PluginManager is a plugin to manage all of your plugins.
It can also be used to speed up plugin development..


Syodo is my upcoming minecraft bedrock minigames server. It will be awesome! You probably want to join the discord!!

Request a plugin

Do you need a custom plugin? Message me and I will code it. (Paid)


I will reply as soon as possible


Message me on discord

Ay, dont do that xd