Hey, I am Buddelbubi

I am a german hobby software developer. If you are reading this,
you probably know me from VRify, Syodo or my Nukkit plugins.


Hey, I am Damian, also known as Buddelbubi.
I am a 20 year old hobby developer.
My main programming language is java.
I've been coding for around 6 years I guess? (I started when I was 14)

Damian - Buddelbubi

Developer - Studies administrative informatics


I started with java development back in 2017. Back than, the only reason why I was learning java, is that I owned a minecraft java server called Zuzora. I started with a language called skript. It was and still is a good entrypoint into development for minecraft. When I coded my first Spigot plugin, I lost the interest in minecraft... Wooow. Time well spent! Actually yes. I moved to Bedrock. For everyone who is still stuck to the java edition of minecraft: Switch as fast as you can. Bedrock > Java. :) Since then I coded soo much stuff. My eclipse workspace contains 184 projects at the moment. And those are only the projects from the past two years and some older restored codes like LobbyNK. Yes.. I lost the original code and had to decompile it.. I code mainly minecraft bedrock stuff. At the moment for the best minigames network of all time!! (Syodo) :) But I also code discord bots like VRify. But it was not my first discord bot. iirc. my first bot was my AllInOne Bot for my old Roblox Germany Discord. Back then it was a massive community with more than 1000 members.

To be honest.. C++ is nice, but it will never be my main language. It is the programming language I have to learn for school. And yea, I know the basics pretty well, but I do not have that many use-cases for c++. Sure.. Game Development.. Unreal Engine uses C++ and I would love to code a game in C++, but like every other developer, I suffer from the lack of designer friends xd.

I am not an all-round expert in SQL. But I loooovve it. Two years ago, I still saved all the data in text files... Eww. No more. I discovered SQL! My true love <3. Okay I'm sorry. 
I use MariaDB, a fork of MySQL. And please.. Don't use phpMyAdmin... Use HeidiSQL!
I use it for VRify. It contains the server settings and all verified users. I also use databases for Syodo for the friend system and statistics etc. You can do sooo much with SQL.


Okay, no. I am sorry xd. I am actually a developer. I would say that 99% of my code is made by myself. The other 1% may be code from stackoverflow because it is out of my skill range. I am just an hobby developer. I did not study it, even though I would love to so I can remove this section.

Update: ChatGPT may also help a little bit ;)

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