What I do on Discord

I also do some developing on discord stuff. My biggest project for discord is VRify, a discord bot that connects to the VRChat API and helps you to search for worlds and users. Its main feature is to verify accounts. People can link their VRChat with Discord using VRify. Server-Admins then can setup the bot to automatically rename users to their VRChat nametag, or give them automatic roles.
But since I dont play VRChat by myself anymore, this project kinda stopped getting new features. Still, VRify is by far the most used VRChat discord bot with more than 16000 Verified Users and 900 servers. 

My current project is the Syodo Discord Bot. It also has the ability to link Minecraft and Discord for my server Syodo. It also has many many more features like an Invite Checker, Music Bot, Moderation tools etc. It is also connected to the Minecraft Server using internal sockets to communicate via the network. Since this bot was only made for syodo, its private. I am sorry D: 
But feel free to message me if you need a personal bot. I wrote plenty of bots for several people.

  • Minecraft
  • Roblox
  • VRChat
  • And some other VR Games

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