The VRChat bot

VRify is the ultimate VRChat bot. For server owners and its members.
Let the bot give your users roles depending on their VRChat account or just use it as VRChat API access point.

History lesson

VRify started as a VRChat verification bot. Yes.. I played alot of roblox. Roblox has this bot called RoVer / BloxLink to link Roblox Accounts with Discord Accounts. I wanted to create this for VRChat as well. So VRify was like Bloxlink for VRChat. Just able to give roles depending on the VRChat account. (Even if this is much). But it wasn't enough. The first big server which used VRify had 4.2k members at the time. But the bot didn't grow. So I decided to made a full VRChat bot.
Now the members can get world profiles and user profiles in discord. Or join a world by just clicking on hotlinks in our embeds. Try it out on your own server. The VRChat experience will be much better.
This bot will improve over time. Dont let it down. 


Connecting accounts

Connect your VRChat account with your Discord account.
Tell everyone, who you are.

Works for everyone

Our system is working with all platforms.
You can be a VRChat, Steam or Oculus User... Whatever.
It will work.


You can identify the roles by yourself.
Just use the correct commands.


All verified users are saved in our database.
Once verified, you stay verified on all servers with VRify.
(We only store id's)

Add VRify now to your Discord Server to get the true VRChat experience


Raw explaination

The users can link their VRChat Account to their Discord Account.
If this is done, the bot can change their nickname to their VRChat Displayname.
It also can give roles. For example VRC+ owners or the trusted rank.

What it also can do is looking up users. The users can do /vrchat user @User to get the VRChat profile of the verified user.
if the pinged user isn't verified, they can just do !vrchat user Username to get the profile.
Also works with /vrchat world Worldname for worlds, but this is a bit unreliable due VRChats Api is a bit messed up.. 
What you also can do is searching for avatars. Just do /vrchat avatar SearchTerm or /vrchat avatar @Creator to get the avatars from an verified creator.

You also can add a VRChat world to the Server.
if the users type !world, they will get a detailed world profile.
They also can write !join. With just one click, the user joins the world.

How to use VRify as a Server Admin

By default, VRify changes the Nickname of verified users to their VRChat displayname.
You can disable it with /vrify useDisplaynames false. 
Reenableing works with /vrify useDisplaynames true

Thats simple. Just do /vrify setVerifiedRole @Role 
(Ping the role)

VRChat uses tags to define some "permissions".
For example the trust levels are defined using tags. Same for VRC+
If you want to give a role to VRC+ members, just type /vrify settagrole system_supporter @Role
You can remove it with /vrify removetagrole system_supporter.
If you dont know the tags and what they stand for, just type /vrify help tags to get a explaination of the tags.
You also can define roles for trust levels, but its not recommended. Use /vrify settrustlevel [trustlevel] @Role instead.

Sure. Connect the world to your server using /vrify setworld [worldId].
Then your users can do /world to get informations about the world or do /join.
With one click, they join the world.

WIth VRify your users also can check other user and world profiles.
Just type /vrchat user @User to get the profile of a verified user.
If the user is not verifed, just type his/her displayname.
If you want to get a world profile, just type /vrchat world [worldname].
You also can get avatar profiles by an Search Term or a verified Avatar Creator.
Just do /vrchat avatar [SearchTerm] or /vrchat avatar [@Creator]

VRify or the Developer of VRify is not in touch with VRChat or Discord Staff